Blog – Classic (1 column)

E50 – Phil White – Old Hollywood Lighting

We’re going to talk about the history and the future of this style of lighting as well as techniques and tools commonly used to create this beautiful genre. We’ll also highlight several contemporary photographers who have picked this up, reimagined the possibilities and made it their own. If you’re looking…

E49 – Julie Savage – Make Your Art Personal

With some of my art pieces I create, I look at them and fear starts to overtake me as I think about them being out in the world. People will know that I feel stupid, or that I think marriage is hard, or recognize but not appreciate the hardships I…

E48 – Megan Sugden – Photographing Northern Lights

Megan loves photographing the Northern Lights from her home in Minnesota. She’ll share her secrets and techniques for getting breathtaking images of the Northern Lights. Join Megan as she shares her passion of photographing this breathtaking natural phenomenon.